Google+ Gets Android Overhaul

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Posted 4 years ago

Google+ Gets Android OverhaulGoogle+ was one of the major talking points at last week’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, with significant updates revealed – many of which were related to an enhanced user photo experience. Now, the company is bringing these same features to Android.

The Google+ Android app, updated yesterday, is simply an extension of the desktop version of the social network, and provides users with various options, such as automatic photo enhancements, and the great Auto Awesome feature, which browses through images to create new visuals like panoramas.

The update is all about making life easier for Google+ users, and the company has placed a lot of emphasis on speed and efficiency, which can be seen in other features including instant hashtagging, quicker access to the recently released Hangouts, and better notifications.

The Google+ integration with Snapseed has brought many photo enhancements, with numerous filtering and adjustment tools, making it easier than ever to tweak pictures before publishing, and this has naturally made Photos the most talked about aspect of the update. However, the other new features are equally as likeable, particularly a new section called Locations.

Locations allows users to see where their friends are, with the locations of friends that are sharing the information displayed on a map. The feature is an opt-in one that is accessible from the left-hand menu, and can easily be turned off in the “settings” option, so those that prefer to move around in privacy need not worry. The idea behind Locations is to allow meet-ups to be arranged when friends are in the same area.

Google+ for Android is available to download in the Google Play Store now, for devices running version 4.0 and higher. There is no word yet from the company on an iOS version of the app; however, Google has teased this in a blog post ending, “stay tuned for 43.” This is in relation to update number 43 – 41 updates were revealed at Google I/O, with the Android app update number 42.

– Anthony Carter


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