Google Glass Explorer Program Closing

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Posted 3 years ago


Google Glass Explorer Program ClosingGoogle has announced that they are closing the Google Glass Explorer program.

You can still get the Explorer Edition of Google Glass through January 19th — after that, you’ll have to wait for Google’s next version of Glass.

Google put it this way:

“It’s hard to believe that Glass started as little more than a scuba mask attached to a laptop…we asked you to be pioneers, and you took what we started and went further than we ever could have dreamed…you took those very first steps and taught us how to walk. Well, we still have some work to do, but now we’re ready to put on our big kid shoes and learn how to run.”

They added “As we look to the road ahead, we realize that we’ve outgrown the lab and so we’re officially “graduating” from Google[x] to be our own team here at Google. We’re thrilled to be moving even more from concept to reality…Thanks to all of you for believing in us and making all of this possible. Hang tight—it’s going to be an exciting ride.”


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