Google Inkblots Tell A Lot

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Inkblots Tell A LotSharing your neurotic ailments is what is to be celebrated this Friday. Google Doodle will present a Rorschach inkblot to help diagnose you with the option of sharing it with your contacts.

Hermann Rorschach is the Freudian founding psychologist who is being honored by this dubious distinction as it is the 129th birthday of this man who lived from 1884 – 1992. Google will have a splotch to work with represented on its home page.

The folklorian importance of the inkblot is similar to what we may see as we lie side to side with our partner in a field and point out cloud shapes. Though, the Rorschach blot carries more weight as ink tends to be of a consistency that runs and smears across a wide array of shapes and configurations. Our minds are thought factories that interpret what we see and from there a conclusion is drawn towards neuronal diagnosis.

Mama, we’re all crazy now.

Rich Casale


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