Google+ Local to be Retired for iOS

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Posted 4 years ago

Google+ Local to be Retired for iOSIt seems that Google+ Local is going the way of Google Reader and taking its place in the notorious Google Graveyard. In an email sent to users of Google Maps, the internet search giant announced that the standalone app, which allows users to search for localized dining, entertainment, and shopping services, would be no more.

“We’re emailing to announce that the Google+ Local app for iOS will be retired on August 7th, 2013,” said the email from the Google Maps Team.

“This means that after August 7th, you’ll no longer be able to access the Google+ Local app through your iOS device. Any reviews and ratings that you created will be available on your Google+ profile and in the Google Maps iOS app,” it later added.

For users of Google Maps for iOS, the retirement of Google+ Local is something that should not come as a surprise. Just last week, the company rolled out an update for Maps that included a new Explore section that works in much the same way as Yelp, and Local.

If you are worried that you might miss Google+ Local, you can take comfort from Explore, as the new section has all of the key features of its predecessor. Google lists these features in its email:

  • Search by categories of places, like “restaurants” or “coffee shops”

  • Read place information, including written reviews, average price, address and Street View (where available)

  • See what people in your Google+ circles have to say about their favorite places around the world

  • Rate and review places you’ve been to

  • Share places, locations and businesses you find

In addition to the demise of Google+ Local, location-sharing app Google Latitude will also be sent to the graveyard on August 9; however, its features will be shifted to Google+, which Mountain View is suggesting Latitude users download.

– Anthony Carter

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