Google Maps Adds Real-Time Transit Arrival Times

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Posted 2 years ago


Domestic Violence Shelters Being Outed By Google MapsThere’s a brand new feature coming to Google Maps that will add to its stature as one of the premier go-to transportation tools.

While the service has been useful in helping people figure out the best way to get anywhere, even when utilizing transit directions, you had to access a separate app just to get the precise times of when trains and buses would arrive.

This created a slew of apps that satisfied that need. But now, Google has added real-time arrival times for public transportation within the Maps app.

The feature will have arrivals for local buses, subway systems and metro lines in three cities in the United States: Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco.

On the international level, the feature will be available in Budapest, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The app provides a succinct summary of transit options at the top of your smartphone’s screen so that you can glance at it quickly on the go.

There’s even a display for other alternative routes and times.

This information comes from Google’s work with close to 100 public transit agencies with 25 new partnerships coming in advance of the newly added feature.

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