Google Maps Goes Underwater

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Posted 5 years ago

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of talk surrounding Google Maps, iOS and whether Apple’s new dedicated Maps app is good enough to replace Google’s offering. Well, with their latest launch it’s fair to say Google has blown Apple out of the water. The search giant has just released an unbelievably cool feature that will have iPhone 5 owners begging for Google Maps in the App Store.

If you thought the recent release of panoramic images of Antarctica was impressive, then you are in for a real treat with this new feature. Google has brought underwater imagery to Maps, giving users the chance to virtually explore the Great Barrier Reef as well as living reefs in the Philippines and Hawaii. You can live out a dream by exploring some of the world’s most spectacular underwater places without getting a drop of water on you.

The feature is still pretty limited in terms of locations at the moment, but Google do plan on introducing more underwater destinations in due time. An article in TNW lists the current wonders of the ocean that can be explored:

Find a sea turtle swimming among a school of fish (Barrier Reef)Follow a manta ray (Barrier Reef)

Experience the reef at sunset (Barrier Reef)

See an ancient boulder coral, which may be several hundred years old (Apo Island, a volcanic island and marine reserve in the Philippines)

Join snorkelers in Oahu’s Hanauma Bay (Hawaii)

Drift over the vast coral reef at Maui’s Molokini crater (Hawaii)

While it is never going to replace the actual diving experience, the feature is great for anyone with an interest in marine life and those considering a diving vacation. This is as about close to a coral reef as you will ever get without getting your feet wet. To see more of the Google underwater adventure, check out this YouTube video.

– Anthony Carter

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