Google Offers Gets Timely Redesign

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Offers Gets Timely RedesignGoogle has been hard at work of late updating various apps in its Android and iOS portfolio; however, while Gmail, Chrome, and Maps have all received regular new versions over the past few months, the often forgotten about Google Offers has been left on the shelf.

Thankfully, Google has shown that it still has some love for Offers and has introduced a brand-new redesigned user interface to prove it.

The update brings Google Offers in line with other Google apps and adheres to the new card-based design interface. As well as the tidy design, the new version for Android brings with it the now-common sidebar navigation capability and some changes in functionality.

When the app was first launched, users were required to make an offer purchase using the app and then redeem it with the merchant. That was a little bit annoying, and it seems like Google thought so too, as it has streamlined the process by cutting out the middleman. Now you can simply save an offer to the “My Offers” tab and use it when you visit a retailer by allowing the cashier to simply scan the barcode. What this also means, of course, is that you can redeem an offer even when you do not have a network connection – which will come as great news for those using the app via a tablet.

Google also makes it possible for users to switch between local offers and offers in other cities, allowing you to take advantage of different offers as your travel around.

The timely update has reinvigorated the app and will certainly increase downloads and usage; however, the new version is currently only available for Android. iOS users will have to remain patient.

If you want to grab the app, and a half-price coffee, you can do so by visiting the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter


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