Google Patents Contact Lens That Utilizes Iris Biometrics

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Posted 2 years ago


Google X Announces Prototype For Smart Contact Lens For DiabeticsGoogle has a fixation on clarity.

A fact that seems evident given the news concerning a new technological development of theirs.

Recent reports have confirmed that Google has obtained a patent on a new technology that utilizes contact lenses as identification tools.

Specifically, the iris is the centerpiece of the new patent.

The contact lens would cover all or part of the iris, and the surface contains light sensors that capture all reflected light from the iris itself.

The sensors create an image of the iris, and then attempt to match that image with one stored in its memory.

The patent information itself doesn’t elaborate on what the technology is intended for, but it can be assumed that biometric authenticating is the end goal.

This new patent may go hand in hand with work that Google is currently pursuing the testing and production of smart contact lenses that would help to monitor blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Data can be obtained every second by tears entering the lens to be examined by a microchip and sensors embedded in the double layering of the lens.

Christopher A. Smith


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