Google Play Music Comes To The iPhone

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Play Music Comes To The iPhoneGoogle Play has had its subscription music service already as a part of the Android experience six months ago. Now Google Play Music emerges on the iPhone. As of this morning it can be downloaded from the App Store. Rdio and Spotify for a long time have had sort of what Google Play Music offers. The catalog boasts more than 20 million songs.

Google Play Music is done up in a grand style and though you may need $9.99 (dollars) per month for what they call All Access , even with the free version you can still store just about 20,000 songs on the Google cloud. Also for free is the radio part of Google Play Music that has really good features.

What is great about Google Play Music is that there are 200 genres and subgenres of music that allows the listener to widen their musical taste buds.

Rich Casale


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