Google Plays Favorites With High Priority Google+ Users

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Plays Favorites With High Priority Google+ Users: Get Smart!So now we can see what Google’s point really is after days ago having started their new open door policy. It is one which allows strangers who you have not given your email address to, to inbox you. That could make for one big, spammy mess. And once you deem to reply — whoops — you have created a new contact.

After all, you don’t deserve the best they have to offer unless you are a happy-go-lucky Google+ user with thousands of users following you. Then Google is rewarding you. You are considered a “high-profile” user, at that point. You have put your faith in Google+ and are famously being awarded a helping hand.

As a “high-profile” user, by the grace of Google, your default is more limited. “Because you have a lot of followers on Google+, only people in your circles can contact you by default.” This last sentence was emailed to the “high-profile” sect, exclusively announcing the spoils.

Is this situation ticking you off, dear Gmail user?

For those who don’t like being bossed around with their Gmail, take control as follows:

  • Click on Settings menu
  • Then simply turn off “by default email via Google+ feature” (this will appear under the General tab)
  • Choose a setting that you like
  • Create your own Option
  • Choose “No One”, “Extended Circles” or “Circles”
  • Save changes

Result: Old email receiving settings have been switched back to.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


Rich Casale


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