Google Releases Chrome 29 for iOS

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Posted 4 years ago

Google Releases Chrome 29 for iOSBack in August, Google released Chrome 29 for both Android and desktop; today the same privilege is afforded to iOS users.

The Chrome team took to its Google Chrome Releases blog to announce the news and confirm some of the new-fangled features that Apple users looking for an alternative to Safari can expect.

The first of the new features is a faster back button, which Google says is designed to help you get back to your search results faster. Basically, when you click on a result and realize that it is not what you were looking for, you can hit the back button and return to the search listings “instantly”.

Next in the list are data cost savings enhancements. Google says that it will soon be possible for users to view data savings in the Bandwidth Management Settings. However, having announced it as a feature, the company was quick to point out that it was not yet available and is being “rolled out incrementally and will be available to all users over time”. When exactly you will see the feature on your specific iDevice is not known, but good progress is being made on the Android version, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Finally, Google has announced voice search pronoun support. This will allow you to ask Google specific questions referring to people. The blog post uses the example of “Who is the president of the United States?” followed by “Who is his wife?” The feature isn’t up to Siri standards, but it’s handy all the same.

Other minor additions to the update include improvements to Single Sign On with other Google Apps and stability/security improvements and fixes to bugs.

If these new features are to your liking, you can download the Chrome for iOS app now from the Apple App Store.

– Anthony Carter

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