Google Releases Chrome 32 for Android and iOS

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Posted 4 years ago


Google Releases Chrome 32 for Android and iOS

Hot on the heels of Google’s Chrome 32 update for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop operating systems, the search giant has released the latest version of its browser for Android and iOS.

Rolling out over the next few days, Chrome 32 comes with a new feature that will please the increasing number of mobile users that use their devices to access the Web on the move: “data compression and bandwidth management.”

“In the US alone, more than a fifth of adult smartphone users now do most of their online browsing on their mobile device,” Google’s Matt Welsh wrote in a blog post. “Around the world, we’re seeing a similar trend towards more mobile browsing.”

With the new feature in operation, Chrome will help users reduce data and save money on mobile plans. To enable it, you just need to go to Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data and toggle the switch to On. Simple. From this page, you will also be able to keep track of bandwidth.

In addition to data compressing, the new feature will allow you to take advantage of Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology, which Matt Welsh says will help “protect you from malicious webpages.”

Another feature, that is being rolled out for iOS devices is Google Translate. “With this update, you can now translate webpages in Chrome with the click of a button on your iPhone and iPad,” wrote Welsh.

To translate a page into your native language, you just have to look out for the translation bar and select “Translate.”

Finally, Chrome 32 comes with Application shortcuts for Android devices. With this feature, it will be possible to create shortcuts to your favorite websites right from your homescreen for faster and easier access. To use it, just select “Add to Homescreen” from the toolbar menu whenever you’re on a page that you like.

– Anthony Carter


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