Google Releases Mobile Backend Starter for iOS

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Posted 4 years ago

Google Releases Mobile Backend Starter for iOSGoogle has launched a new tool for iOS developers working on the Google Cloud Platform, allowing them to connect to services easily and free.

Mobile Backend Starter for iOS is designed to make it simple for mobile developers to build connected mobile apps without the need to write server-side code. The search-giant originally launched the service at its annual developer summit earlier this year; however, until now it has only been available for the Android platform.

Developers using the app will be able to set up user authentication with Google accounts, deliver push notifications, and request continuous queries about data changes for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch apps.

The source code for the app is available free from Github, where users can explore the code and carry out any needed customizations. The platform will also support hundreds of simultaneous users working on a single project with no charges applied.

Production manager at Google, Stuart Reavley, said in a blog post explaining the new release that developers can take advantage of these framework classes to “interact with the deployed backend as if it was local to the device.” He also added that the Google Cloud Platform team has provided support for reliable push notifications to “thousands of iOS devices via the Apple Push Notification Service.”

To get started with the Mobile Backend Starter, users will be required to fill in a web form and set up an app within Apple’s Xcode using the appropriate Google authentications and connections. To help developers do this, Google has put up a post on its Developers pages.

– Anthony Carter

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