Google Renames Webmaster Tools As “Google Search Console”

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Posted 2 years ago


Google Renames Webmaster Tools As "Google Search Console"Google’s making a change to one of their key services after 10 years of operation.

Google has made a change to one of its more popular sites for developers.

The change was announced in a blog posting Wednesday on the site.

The Webmaster Tools service, going forward will be referred to as ‘Google Search Console’.

The reason for this change according to Google was that they came to the realization that only a small part of their user base for the service could actually be referred to as webmasters.

The rebranding was initiated to also help enable all users to get their work online via Search, and that it will lead to more people doing so.

There will be a scheduled rollout over the coming weeks to the site itself to reflect the new changes, and in the interim Google has provided visitors and potential users with a shortlink to access the new site.

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