Google Reportedly Developing Android Games Console, Smartwatch and Nexus Q

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Posted 4 years ago

Google Reportedly Developing Android Games Console, Smartwatch and Nexus QGoogle is said to be developing a new games console, smartwatch and Nexus Q media-playing device, all powered by the Android operating system – that’s according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

Citing the ever-keen “sources familiar with the matter,” WSJ says that Google is looking to widen the reach of its software and is looking to a games console and a watch to “combat similar devices that Apple Inc. may release in the future.” An Apple iWatch looks inevitable and is likely to arrive sooner rather than later, while rumors of a new gaming console have also been doing the rounds in recent months, with plans reported in place to launch it as part of the new Apple TV product.

While an Android console and smartwatch would be entirely new additions to the Google hardware line-up, the Nexus Q is something that we have seen before. Originally unveiled last year, the web-connected media player failed to capture public imagination and was never officially released in stores. In fact, such was the lack of interest in the device that the small number of customers that placed pre-orders, were given the strange globe-shaped device for free rather than pay the expected $300. It will be interesting to see what changes Google has made to the device, and how it is marketed if it does make a comeback.

Android is an unstoppable juggernaut at the moment and it seems that Google has its sights firmly set on world domination by expanding its hardware portfolio and steamrolling Apple in the process. A smartwatch powered by Android has been rumored in the past, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the WSJ’s sources were on point with suggestion of a games console, taking the battle between the duopoly far beyond the realm of the smartphone.

– Anthony Carter

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