Google Starts Rollout of Redesigned Play Store

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Posted 4 years ago

Google Starts Rollout of Redesigned Play StoreGoogle has been pretty busy over the past month or so; first there was the shutting down of Google Reader, then came the unveiling of Google Keep, and now the Mountain View-based giant has something else to show off – a redesigned Google Play Store.

The latest Android marketplace upgrade first came to light a couple of weeks back when the guys over at Droid-Life appeared to have gotten hold of, and installed a redesign that was dramatically different from the one currently being used by Android users. Droid-Life claimed the new user interface was Google Play 4.0, and it turns out they were right.

Starting yesterday, Google began rolling out almost the exact same overhauled design that Droid-Life claimed; first in the US and – over the course of the next few weeks – across the world.

The Play Store 4.0 offers a brighter, cleaner and quicker interface, allowing users to find the content they need in simpler manner with infinite scrolling. Google have switched the focus more towards images with the new design; pictures are big and eye-catching with individual apps, movies, music and books being featured in individual cards not too dissimilar from the ones found in Google Now. Related content has been further emphasized by adding recommendations to pages and purchasing is simpler than ever.

Google says that the upgrade is being rolled out and will be available on devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and above. However, if you don’t want to wait around for your copy, you can download and update Google Play 4.0 yourself by heading over to Droid-Life and getting the APK. The APK is designed to install right over your current version of Google Play and the related post also includes a nice overview video of the new features.

– Anthony Carter

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