Google to Launch Game Center

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Posted 4 years ago

Google to Launch Game CenterLast month, when dissecting the Google Glass MyGlass application, Android Police discovered a feature list for a Google gaming service, leading to rumors that Android could be set to launch a platform to rival Apple’s Game Center. Yesterday, when once again digging around in a new version of Google Play Service, Android Police revealed a selection of gaming-friendly features that are set to be released on Android.

Dubbed “Google Play Games,” the new service will apparently allow Android gamers to take on other gamers in multiplayer modes, track progress with leaderboards, earn rewards for achievements, and save games to a cloud rather than on their own phones or tablets, allowing players to resume games on other devices.

The service will come packaged with the upcoming Google Play Services v3.1.36 release and it’s likely that we will see some sort of official confirmation at tomorrow’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

Achievements are, of course, a major part of any gaming service and, like efforts from Apple and Windows Phone, Google is following suit, with an icon labeled ‘Achievement Unlocked’, crowns and medals found by Android Police. Play Games will also have a new icon to show off in the form of a green controller.

The data uncovered so far in the Google Play Service .apk file, is definitely something to get excited about, and it could be just the tip of the iceberg, as Android Police continue to trawl through new services, and reveal numerous other non-gaming features.

A dedicated gaming center is something that Android fans have been waiting for, and many will see it as the final piece of the puzzle, to allow Google’s OS to finally surpass Apple’s iOS. Tomorrow’s Google I/O conference should tell us more about the service, including that all-important official release date.

– Anthony Carter

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