Google Uses Nexus 4 Grammy’s Ad to Show off Google Now

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Posted 5 years ago

The Grammy’s are the biggest music awards show on the planet, and although not quite in the realm of Super Bowl advertising hype, it’s still a good ad gig if you can get it and as good a time as any for Google to launch its first US prime time showing of the increasingly popular Nexus 4.

If you’ve not seen the ad, you may assume it something similar to the one that Google put over the holiday season last Christmas focusing on what the camera can do; however, you would be wrong. The real star of the latest advertisement is not really the phone at all; it is in fact a single feature of the device: Google Now.

Rather than dwelling on the specs of the LG-made handset, the ad details the features of Google Now, showing it helping people across the world to check the weather, train timings, locate a restaurant, plan and execute a trip, chat using video hangouts, and perform a translation on the move.

Google Now is to the search engine giant what Siri is to Apple and it is clear from the ad that Google are pitting their prized software directly, against Cupertino’s. Just as Apple continually pushes Siri as the feature that sets the iPhone apart from the competition, we can fully expect to see Google doing the same.

Like Siri, Google Now is a personal assistant and it is loved by almost all users of Android Jelly Bean. The advertisement clearly shows that the service can compete with what Apple are bringing to the table, but will it be enough to tempt US smartphone users into choosing the Nexus 4 over the market leading iPhone?

In my opinion, Google Now is the superior personal assistant software and the outstanding feature of what is a great OS in Jelly Bean and an all round excellent Nexus 4 smartphone. However, with Siri much more established, Google is going to need many more ads like this one to outdo Apple.

Vic Gundotra, Head of Development at Google+, posted a 60-second version of the advertisement on the social network, which you can see here.

– Anthony Carter

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