Google Wallet Now Offers Mobile Web Payments

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Posted 5 years ago

With the release of Isis Mobile Wallet, and Apple Passbook and Microsoft Wallet now also available in the digital payments spectrum, Google Wallet has found competition in what was once a market they had all to themselves. In order to remain one step ahead of their rivals, the search giant has announced plans to change the way consumers pay for goods through the mobile Web.

While smartphones and tablets have made browsing the internet on a smaller screen very efficient, purchasing items from online shopping carts remains cumbersome. With Google Wallet’s new feature, users can now take away the hassle of filling out lengthy order forms with the press of a button. In addition to this, any consumer that has a Google Wallet account can take advantage of the “Buy with Google Wallet” button for simple one-touch ordering.

According to Google’s own research, 97 percent of customers who attempt to buy goods through the mobile Web quit the process before the order is complete. That is an incredible statistic, but by simplifying the route to purchase Google is saving shoppers a lot of hassle, which is sure to attract more users to the service.

Very few websites are using the “Buy with Google Wallet” feature at present, but that is to be expected. However, as reported by TechRadar, customers of, and can take advantage of the simple payment offering. Google is also promising more sites will be compatible in the near future.

This new feature gives Google a distinct advantage over Microsoft Wallet and Apple Passbook – neither of whom offer the same capabilities. The Android-owner also has the edge over competitors in that Google Wallet works across numerous platforms, while both Microsoft and Apple’s offerings and restricted to their native operating systems.

An increasing number of people are starting to adopt digital wallets and with this latest feature and a rumored physical credit card coming soon, Google Wallet is putting themselves in a position to lead this market just like they dominate search.

– Anthony Carter

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