Google X Robot-Loving Leader Bringing Evil Into The World?

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Posted 4 years ago


Google X Robot-Loving Leader Bringing Evil Into The World?A Google shuttle bus, which takes its employees to the glittering Silicon Valley Google X compound, was  hurried to towards by protestors, yesterday in California and left the workers unable to go outside. One gripe was certain, the protestors were blaming Google Tech for bringing up the cost of living in San Francisco. After 45 minutes the ground was littered with leaflets that indicated the address of their nominated target, Anthony Levandowski. His home was surrounded by the protestors holding up banners and shouting . One neighbor called it, and rightly so, stalking — though legally I believe the exact terminology for sum of the actions of this mob mentality might be put differently.

“I’m a nice guy. I’m an engineer who just likes robots.” That was the plea of Anthony Levandowski, who is the engineer masterminding the mysterious Google X — famous for being behind the wheel, so to speak, of the self-driving car.

Andrew Leonard, is a San Francisco bay area writer who has keenly criticized the anti-Google protesting, saying: “This is bullshit … slashing the tires of Google buses, confronting individual employees at their homes, and engaging in ludicrous character assassination is not how a civil society operates.”

The protestors are calling themselves Counterforce and they have sort of taken on the style of the animal rights activists of the past two decades, with a manifesto that ends with this line: “We’re coming for you next.”

The manifesto reads: “All of Google’s employees should be prevented from getting to work. All surveillance infrastructure should be destroyed. No luxury condos should be built. No one should be displaced.”

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