Google’s Schmidt Announces His Corporate Success Book

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Posted 4 years ago

Schmidt just got real.Google's Schmidt Announces His Corporate Success Book

Tech-top mogul, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has announced he is writing  a business management book based on his 10 years as CEO.

“No Adult Supervision Required. How To Build Successful 21st Century Companies” is the title. It is slated for release in Fall 2014, (Associated Press sources report). Eric Schmidt running Google 2001-2011 has helped make it one of the world’s leading internet empires. The world has fast become an online oasis of real riches, and Schmidt’s book will share tips on relevant biz management matters. It is positioned perfectly as the follow-up to his last book, “The New Digital Age: Reshaping The Future of People, Nations and Business”.

Known as the “top lieutenant” at Google, Jonathan Rosenberg – who served as Google’s Senior vice president of product management under Schmidt – is co-writing this technological tome. Publisher Business Plus, an imprint of Hachette Book Group are primed to bring this upcoming book to the marketplace next year.

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