Google’s Self-Driving Car Logs 13th Accident In 6 Years

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Posted 2 years ago


Can Google Revive The Auto Industry In Detroit?A new report provides some pretty interesting information regarding Google’s experiments with self-driving cars. Interesting in a good way.

Jacquelyn Miller, a spokeswoman for Google, issued a statement regarding a recent accident involving one of their autonomous vehicles at a traffic light near their facility at Mountain View, California.

She went on to say, “That’s two incidents just in the last week where a driver rear-ended us while we were completely stopped at a light!”

The last crash was the 13th incident reported since 2009 involving their autonomous cars.

Considering that they’ve logged approximately 1.8 million miles on the road, the tally is surprisingly lower than public expectations.

Future incidents involving Google AVs(Autonomous Vehicles) will be reported on a newly-created website that will be transparent and report all details involving their activities including detailed accident reports containing all pertinent data.

None too shabby for the supposed cars of the future.

Christopher A. Smith


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