Google’s Self-Driving Cars Seen On The Roads Of Mountain View

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Posted 2 years ago


Google's Self-Driving Vehicles Report 11 Crashes - Google Says Don't Blame It On The CarsGoogle has taken the next step in their ambitious drive to make self-driving cars on the roads a reality — by already having them on the road.

On Thursday, the company announced that their autonomous vehicle prototypes were already out and about on the streets of Mountain View, California.

The vehicle was crafted from scratch, and designed to be self-driving.

The company has been vigorously working towards this since 2009, with Toyota Prius cars and then Lexus SUVs being their first testers.

Those vehicles were modified with special software and hardware.

These new AV’s are the potential template for the car that Google seeks to mass produce in 2020 with the help of auto manufacturers like Volkswagen.

The cars are two-door, and have a maximum speed of 25 MPH in accordance with Google’s directive of safety.

In addition, the autonomous vehicles will have a human driver in a backup role, and a removable steering wheel to go with specialized sensors that can detect movement at great distances no matter the size of the object.

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