Google’s Self-Driving Vehicles Report 11 Crashes – Google Says Don’t Blame It On The Cars

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Posted 2 years ago


Google's Self-Driving Vehicles Report 11 Crashes - Google Says Don't Blame It On The CarsOver the past 6 years, Google says that their self-driving vehicles were involved in 11 collisions — but doesn’t blame the cars themselves.

According to this report, Chris Urmson, director of Google’s self-driving car program said that no injuries and only light damage as sustained in all of the incidents.

He said “We’re thinking a lot about how to measure our progress and our impact on road safety…We’ll continue to drive thousands of miles so we can all better understand the all-too-common incidents that cause many of us to dislike day-to-day driving – and we’ll continue to work hard on developing a self-driving car that can shoulder this burden for us.”


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