GoPro Cameras Can Spy On Users

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Posted 2 years ago


GoPro Snaps Up Virtual Reality Software Maker KolorA security company’s findings have raised concerns about one of the more popular camera brands in recent years.

Pen Test Partners, a tech security firm based in the United Kingdom, made their reports concerning GoPro cameras public.

They found that hackers could gain control of the camera very easily to essentially spy on the camera’s original owners without their knowledge, and that they could also have the ability to steal and delete videos from the camera.

Their tests found that the vulnerable flaw lies in the ability a GoPro camera has to be able to stream action shots to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Users can shut the phone off, but the wireless connection is still active.

A cyberthief can then gain control by using software that can guess your encrypted password if it is not strong enough.

The company performed these tests for the media on Monday, and said that they implored GoPro to advise their customers to create stronger passwords.

When contacted about these findings, GoPro stated that their security was satisfactory.

They went on to say the following: “We require our customers to create a password 8-16 characters in length; it’s their choice to decide how complex they want it to be. As is true of all password-protected devices and services, if a password is easily guessable, a user is more prone to someone predicting what it is.”

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