Government Qualms: Apple Readies Transparency Report

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Posted 4 years ago


Government Qualms: Apple Readies Transparency Report

Apple wants to create as much distance as possible between the company and the federal government as possible. As the NSA scandal trundles along, Apple has gone ahead and issued a transparency report.

Apple is vehemently against Washington’s “gag order” concerning national security orders.

Apple’s taken a firm stance by shoring up its complete data information with the report.

Apple says they “never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act” and furthermore that they “would challenge such an order” was ever served.

Apple has defended its out of country dealings by saying that information requests are not always complied with, therefore a track record of every single request received can’t be wholly complied with. Otherwise, Apple is keen to note that they keep track of each and every request received.

The transparency report looks very complete. One needs only to look upon the graph as the account information listing has been made public.

This issue has touched a nerve with this writer and honestly I can never write what I don’t want to as big government continues to be at odds with big business.

P.S.: As a personal aside to this article, I want everyone reading this blog to be clear on the transparency issue as government policing has affected other internet companies as the quest to account for every single move one makes as a business, openly and publicly, can be counterintuitive to a company’s maneuvering .

– Rich Casale


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