GTA iFruit Android Apps Could Contain Malware

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Posted 4 years ago

GTA iFruit Android Apps Could Contain MalwareLast week saw the biggest console game release of the year so far, as the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V was launched simultaneously around the world. As a companion to the game, makers Rockstar launched “iFruit,” an app that allow gamers to customize cars, create license plates and play a Tamagotchi-style training game with your in-game dog “Chop.”

iFruit is named for the phone that is used in the game (an iPhone parody) and has naturally been popular with Apple-owning GTA gamers. Of course, Grand Theft Auto has many fans, a significant number of which own Android devices rather than iPhones and these fans also want to get their hands on iFruit. However, while there are versions of the app available in the Google Play Store, none of these are official Rockstar releases and users are being warned not to download any app that claims to be iFruit as it could contain malware.

Rockstar has promised fans that iFruit will be released for Android, along with Windows Phone, PS Vita, and PlayStation Mobile versions soon. Despite this, at least two imitation apps have surfaced in the Google Play Store, drawing comments from angry downloaders that they are suspected malware.

Google is said to have begun removing fake apps from the Play Store, however, the company’s lenient policy on app releases mean that it is possible that more imposters will turn up in the Games listings.

While you’re probably itching for a piece of iFruit to get some GTA V in your life when you can’t be near a console, if you own an Android device you should avoid downloading any app claiming to be the real thing until Rockstar tells you it is safe to do so.

– Anthony Carter

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