GTA V iFruit App Finally Launches on Android

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Posted 4 years ago


GTA V iFruit App Finally Launches on AndroidOver a month after the release of Grand Theft Auto V and its companion app for iOS, RockStar Games has finally released a version of iFruit for Android.

Android users’ frustrations over the lack of a native app were realized soon after iFruit (a spoof version of the iPhone used in the game) was launched on iOS, when some were tricked by third-party scam versions of the app that appeared in the Google Play Store and subsequently shown a YouTube video or malware instead of the legitimate features. This game is the real deal, but is it too late?

There will certainly be many keen gamers out there that have completed the campaign and there are probably even more that have simply given up on RockStar ever releasing an app. However, if you’re still thinking about downloading the app, you can do so right now for free from the Google Play Store.

What you get with your download is a companion app with features that can affect the in-game progress, first of which is “Los Santos Customs”, where you will be able to customize your vehicle with a nice new paint job, window tints, suspension and license plates.

Another feature is “Chop the Dog” whereby you will be able to get closer to Franklin’s dog Chop, petting him, feeding him, playing fetch and teaching him some new tricks. Using this feature will change the behavior of Chop in GTA V, making him more responsive to his owner and allowing him to find some hidden features.

If you are playing GTA V on PlayStation or Xbox then there is every chance that iFruit has arrived on Android too late for you to care. If you’re one of those hanging around for a PC version of the game, though, the app may still be of some appeal.

– Anthony Carter


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