Hacked Adult Friend Finder Database Available For 70 Bitcoins

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Posted 2 years ago


Adult Dating Site Hacked - Thousands Of Customer Records Leaked OnlineMore details about the recent hack of the Adult Friend Finder website are coming to light, and they’re not comforting to those affected.

A hacker who has claimed responsibility for the breach of the casual dating website has also offered up the unredacted database of information for sale, reports said this past weekend.

The individual, who goes by the name ROR[RG] and claims Thailand as their country of residence, is seeking a price of 70 bitcoins, or $17,000 as the equivalent price.

They also went on to offer their hacking services for hire, claiming that they could get into any website for the sum of 750 bitcoins, or $170,000.

This marks the first major find of where the information could have gone to since a forum posting containing IP addresses of the 3.9 million Adult Friend Finder users affected among other items was made in March.

There are concerns that credit card data may have also been exposed. If so, this would be disastrous for the website as cybercriminals can turn that information into serious profit from various entities.

Currently, the parent company, Friend Finder Networks, has taken steps to mask the identity of users still with their site.

They have also been in constant communication with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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