HackerOne Program: Criminal Or Crucial?

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Posted 4 years ago


HackerOne Program: Criminal Or Crucial?HackerOne has been launched by Facebook and Microsoft instituting The Internet Bug Bounty whose goal is stated as “rewarding friendly hackers who contribute to a more secure internet”.

Volunteers from ISEC Partners, Etsy, and Chrome are also taking part in HackerOne today.

The kicking back, though is going to come when targeted companies whose products and services are going under the proverbial microscope take action against the hackers.

Yet HackerOne has the capability, legally, of letting you register and be noitified about their activities concerning your wares. And they have gone to great lengths to legalize their activities.

Individuals wanting to be internet bounty hunters, (and that is what HackerOne’s opus moderandi boils down) need only to register with HackerOne and they are good to go.

HackerOne’s disclorure guidelines tell you that “Response Teams should do no harm”. They are asked not to penalize researchers or make legal threats, or refer the matters to the police.

We can expect YouTube videos to be popping up that will be highly compelling.

The bottom line is that the hackers at HackerOne have instituted guidelines and rules of a highly dubious nature to protect the public by pointing out business boo boos because government, in general, acts covertly and doesn’t do what it existentially needs to do therefore giving way to big business-funded policing.

Rich Casale


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