Hating Glass? San Fran Woman Ripped Off At A Bar

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Posted 3 years ago


Hating Glass? San Fran Woman Ripped Off At A Bar Sarah Slocum, a patron in the Molotov bar, was allegedly served up a cocktail of imbiber’s stupidity, as her Google Glass incited hatred. The incident, captured via videotape purportedly resulted in Ms. Slocum’s wallet, Glass, purse and “everything”, being stolen.

The thief had help from his friends.

Ignorance is no excuse for the law, as they say, as wearable technology continues to confound people who are not tech-oriented. Cops as well as robbers, consumers and mere observers, are having their wits tested by a world of advanced gadgetry.

Sarah Slocum may have been over-friendly, and being what bars function as — well, lets just say that there are a slew of motives, and this case seems a little more complex until it is told by different people to detectives, who are trained and paid to sort out crimes.

The device being worn  by Slocum was a $1,500 Explorer Edition of Glass.

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