Here Are The Top 10 Countries Ranked By Internet Speed

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Posted 2 years ago


connection-309682_1280As time goes on, we are bearing witness to more and more of the world gaining online access at record rates. So much so that it behooves leading statistics professionals to keep tabs on Internet connectivity speeds in various countries around the world.

These stats also are comparative data that industry experts and professionals in the United States will use to see how they measure up. And with this recent list, America didn’t even come close to making the cut; the U.S. ranks 17th in terms of Internet connection speed which is measured by Mbps, or Megabits per second. The entire list itself is dominated by European countries, with a notable inclusion or two like the Czech Republic for example. They come in ninth on the list with an average Mbps of 12.3, seeing a 8.4% increase in their Internet speed. Number one on the list? South Korea, with a whopping 22.2 Mbps rate. To add to that surprising stat, they benefitted from a small increase in Internet speed at 1.6%.

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