Here Are The Two Most Popular Brands According To Social Media Users

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Posted 2 years ago


Top Social Media Trends for 2014A recent survey that recorded the opinions of social media users found two brands that were the most popular according to popular vote.

The survey, conducted by SurveyMonkey and the WPP Plc’s [email protected] agency, found that L’Oreal and Nivea were tops among brands that social media users would recommend to others.

The results were gathered from 5,600 people who used Facebook, YouTube and Twitter among other platforms in eleven nations.

The research was presented to audiences at the Cannes Lions advertising gathering held on Wednesday on the French Riviera.

Further information from the report revealed a disparity; while 84 percent of the users polled admitted to “liking” a brand online, just 58 percent were willing to elaborate and share why they did.

Users in the United States ranked highest in terms of brand quality being a factor in their choices that they would recommend, coming in at 93 percent.

The study is important information for an industry that rakes in approximately $544 billion yearly, and Internet-based marketing has become a dominant factor in driving corporate brands and ad agencies to get more insight from social media regarding their products.

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