Here’s A Website That Will Identify Any Image You Show It

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Posted 2 years ago


2000px-Simple_Monitor_Icon.svgThese days, developments in technology fueled by artificial intelligence contain a great deal of potential.

A new website created by Stephen Wolfram, the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research may have broken new ground in the industry according to recent news.

Enter ImageIdentify, a new search website based in part on functions within the Wolfram Language. The basis of ImageIdentify is rapid identification, and it is created to identify almost anything in a single picture.

In order to create this, Wolfram and developers gave the system a collection of images ranging in the millions, which in Wolfram’s words “seemed very comparable to the number of distinct views of objects that humans get in their first years of life.”

This process enables ImageIdentify to correctly ascertain close to 10,000 images, but not without some confusion. Part of that is by design; developers would also give the system confusing images, most notably a cat in an International Space Station suit for instance.

This new system by most accounts is remarkable in its rate of accuracy, and comes on the heels of other rapid image identification websites like the recent research site unveiled by Microsoft that compelled people to upload their pictures to see what age the site would give them in relation to their real age, with funny results.

Of course, the fun was undercut once it was discovered that uploading photos to that site meant that users gave up all rights to those pictures in the fine print. Wolfram Research does take pains to inform users upfront that it does keep a smaller version of any photos uploaded for training purposes.

Christopher A. Smith


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