How Buying Domains Can Help Increase The Link Value Of Your Website

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Posted 4 years ago

How Buying Domains Can Help Increase The Link Value Of Your WebsiteDoes buying more domains really help increase the link value of a website? Let’s find out. The best thing about buying more domains is that when you possess domains that are ranked well, you automatically get a better rank in search engines. Even if you slightly change the message on your website, it doesn’t change things too much.

It’s a fact that acquiring more domains helps you increase link value. Collecting more domains will let you link to any website from the domains you have acquired. This way you can redistribute the link value of the domain. In this way you can let the destination website get all the link value.

Link hoarding by means of collecting domains

Depending on the kind of topics that you need your future links for, you can collect domains in advance. While choosing such domains, keep in mind to buy the ones that have lots of authority links directed at it. That way, you’ll already have link value waiting to be used whenever you need. This is hugely beneficial for SEO firms that can instantly help their customers to get started, and gain an advantage among their competitors.

Domains to buy

There are many occasions when you can find domains with link value, which are of not much use to their present owner anymore.

The most easily detectable domains are the expired ones, which are mostly of no use to their previous owner. These domains are very cheap and provide easy signals for Google to detect.

The next set of domains includes the ones for sale, and parked domains.

Many times bankruptcies make domains easily available. All you need is to contact the person supervising the domain, and make a deal with them.

Outdated domains can also be found easily. Whenever you find such outdated domains with links and events, buy them and store them as archives.

All the above mentioned signs surely indicate that the concerned domain might be for sale. But whether there is any link value left is for you to check. You have to ensure that the domains you are finding have link value left in them.

– Ady Sachdeva


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