How Does Mobile Affect the Way We Watch TV and Movies?

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Posted 4 years ago

How Does Mobile Affect the Way We Watch TV and Movies?With the proliferation of mobile devices, there’s been a undeniable shift to how we access our TV and movie programming. reports that in the nine months between April 2012 and January 2013, users who watched at least one video per month on their smartphones more than doubled, from 20 percent to 41 percent. Tablet users reported even higher higher rates of viewership. And the ad market for these devices is growing rapidly as well; ads on mobile videos will account for 13 percent of the market this year. That’s 520 million dollars, folks.

The big businesses that create and distribute our entertainment programming have taken notice. Netflix and Hulu are no longer our only options, and there are some other dynamic and user-friendly apps available that makes streaming content easy and enjoyable.

Access to Free Premium Content

HBO Go has been the subject of much buzz lately, and not simply for its status as a stand-alone service. The controversy centers around users’ ability to access HBO programming for free online by using the login and password of a friend or family member with an existing HBO subscription. HBO’s take on it? According to, they don’t seem all that concerned.

They are not alone in this reaction to content sharing. Many media entities are coming to terms with fact that there’s not much they can do about it at this time. Some speculate that company bigwigs are hoping users will get hooked on the content and then come around to paying for it eventually. This may be wishful thinking, but it is possible that as young (and broke) users come of age, they will eventually start paying for content. It’s also possible that the future holds a means for media outlets to curtail free sharing and make honest users of everyone.

Satellite TV Goes Mobile

TV and satellite companies are now offering some services direct to your mobile devices. According to the online service provider, users can log in to their existing DirecTV accounts from their laptop, smartphone or tablet and stream the content from anywhere in your home, and you can also set your DVR from the company’s mobile app.

These types of apps are usually free and can turn a mobile device into a remote control. The apps enables users to connect with friends about favorite shows via Facebook, and there’s even a Sunday Ticket app for football fanatics who can’t miss even one minute of the NFL action.

Mobile app options have definitely come a long way since the days of just Hulu and Netflix. There are more mobile viewing portals than ever before, and with the undeniable convenience of tablets and smartphones, there’s sure to be many more on the horizon.

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