How to Compose the Perfect Tweet

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Posted 4 years ago


How to Compose the Perfect TweetTwitter is one of the most effective and reliable way to enhance your website traffic by means of social marketing. Whether it’s for blogging, or for marketing your brand, Twitter has established its worth as the best platform for sharing link based content.

The best part about Twitter is that it can provide marketers continuous benefits of web traffic on an everyday basis by means of building communities of engaged and relevant followers.

However, there are certain skills needed to make your tweet or content relevant so that it doesn’t go unnoticed or ignored. This requires little effort. If you make errors continuously, Twitter will not solve your purpose of benefitting you and your brand in any way and all of your efforts will get wasted.

Another important aspect of Twitter, is linking your content to other blogs, websites, pictures, and so on. However, it is necessary to link your post in the right way, because overdoing of the same might be a detriment. Too much self-promotion can give the impression as that of a spammer for many users.  So, it’s essential to check and create the perfect combination for getting the perfect tweet.

Perfection can be gained in two ways — if your tweet can attract the maximum amount of people to read it and re-tweet it the maximum number of times.

There are two main primary criteria of Twitter:

1. Engaging maximum followers by means of readability and

2. Getting the maximum amount of retweets
The above two are the basic elements and both need to be perfect every time you use Twitter for maximum benefits.

It’s important to remember the word limit on Twitter — you must get your point across to your followers in the given word limit. Many B2B companies that use Twitter to market their products and brands, remain unsure whether their Tweets are generating business because they are not able to utilize it properly.

For an ideal Tweet to pass the Twitter filter, there are some basic things to note. You can create a perfect tweet by keeping the following points in mind:

1. Is your tweet interesting and comprehensive?

2. It’s important that the tweet you post is readable and easily understood

3. Is your tweet exciting enough for readers to click? When the tweet that you posted creates excitement among readers, they automatically connect with it and click on the link posted to go to the main page and see the details.

4. Is your tweet compelling enough to make people retweet it?

The excitement level of the tweet compels followers to retweet as well. This way, more people see your tweet and visit your website, thereby increasing re-tweets.

Below are some pointers or guidelines that will help in writing the best tweets that attract attention:


Know your audience and tell your readers what you have in mind

It’s somewhat necessary to know who your followers are. Moreover, it’s also good to know the ones that you follow. This will let you ascertain what to tweet exactly, depending on the preference of your followers. This way, you can post tweets that will interest the followers and maximize your credibility.

Use good English with correct punctuation

Although nobody makes errors intentionally, we often see grammatical and punctuation mistakes in many tweets. So, whenever you post a tweet, it’s important to check for any grammatical, misspellings or any errors. Well-written content with no misspelled words will be the ones to get re-tweeted.

Shorten all URLs

It is also important to shorten your links. The best way to do so is via, a URL shortener.

Link your tweets to genuine articles, blog posts, pictures or videos

Linking tweets to unnecessary things will not serve your purpose. So it’s important to link your tweets to articles, blogs, as well as photos that are related to your tweet, in the right sense.

Use content in a professional way

It’s really important to use your content in a professional manner. This makes a good impression on your followers and gets more retweets.

Use exciting headlines

Readers always have a number of choices as there are number of tweets on their screen. So it’s important that your tweet is really exciting, so as to influence them to click it. Well-written headline copy can generate a good number of re-tweets. So make every single word count in the headline.

Leave 20 characters free for re-tweeters

A tweet gives you a limit of 140 characters.  When a tweet is re-tweeted, the username is listed in the tweet, which adds more characters. So rather than using all 140 characters, leaving 20 characters free is a good idea so that re-tweets are possible.

Use Hashtags in your content

Hashtags are used on Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic. With Hashtags you can track popular tweets, or the tweets that you want to see in your timeline. All you need to do is to enter the Hashtag, and Twitter will search through its recent tweets to check the particular subject. By using Hashtag in social media, you can focus on the specific topic that your tweet is about, and let your followers know the same.

Twitter is fun to use, and just by putting in a little extra effort, you can get great results.

Once you see the results, you won’t regret the amount of energy you put into it.

The impact in terms of website traffic, and increased sales, will make you strive to post perfect tweets every time.

– Ady Sachdeva


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