How To Conduct A Survey To Find Out What Your Customers Want

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Posted 3 years ago


How To Conduct A Survey To Find Out What Your Customers WantConducting a survey of your customers is easy, and thanks to a number of online survey tools that are available, there are multiple options for you to choose from.

Survey Questions Checklist

The survey questions list needs to be prepared well. Some of the important questions to be included in the survey:

1. How often do you visit our website?

This question in a survey is of immense value, as it lets you know whether your website is able to attract and engage visitors.

2. Do you want to suggest any changes to our site?

As the owner of your website, you might have done everything possible to design it and add relevant content. The visitors to your site may be looking for specific content that you’re not aware of, and have not yet provided. In order to cope up with the changing needs of visitors to your site, you’ll have to listen for criticisms and suggestions. Allow visitors to give their feedback about the design of the site, and ask them to provide any suggestions if they want to.

3. Which topics particularly interest you?

Once you are able to know the particular interests of your customers, it becomes easier for you to understand what content they are interested in. After all, why would one bother to waste his time surfing through a site that does not have anything of interest or use?

4. Are you interested in our premium services?

Always remain open for the customers to give their opinion on the products, services, and premium services your company and website offers. The feedback from your customers will let you know whether the premium services are useful to them.

How to conduct the survey

The process of conducting the survey is pretty simple. There are many plugins you can use if your site uses WordPress.

Survey tools

Here are some useful survey tools:


As one of the top survey tools, LimeSurvey has a great deal of features. The notable ones amongst them include the ability to conduct an unlimited number of surveys at the same time, multi-lingual surveys, ready-made and importable questions, unlimited number of questions, unlimited number of participants, 28 different question types, re-usable editable answer sets, and more.


SurveyMonkey is a handy survey tool that can be used by anybody. This tool lets you create questions easily, with 15 question types. It lets you add your own logo with company name and customized color especially for the survey.


Sogosurvey is another useful survey tool that combines an array of attractive features. Sogosurvey allows you to create a flawless look and design for the survey by adding your logo. It also lets you create online forms, quizzes, and polls. It’s mobile ready and can be used on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, for conducting surveys.


Building surveys, online forms, evaluations, and event registrations are easy and quick with SurveyGizmo. The survey creator can add their own customized logo, add colors, do his own sizing, add images, and create a layout for the survey project. The survey project through this tool turns out to be quite interactive and handy, as there are quick procedures for validating the respondents’ answers, and responding to them through actions like adding, removing or customizing pages and questions.


Kwiksurveys is another tool that offers impressive services through features like unlimited questions, unlimited responses, powerful report builder, SSL encryption, and full results export, and more.

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