How to Create a Local Presence for Your Online Business

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Posted 4 years ago


How to Create a Local Presence for Your Online BusinessBefore talking about the ways you can create a local presence for your online business, let’s first discuss the need of a local internet presence for your business.

The internet has evolved over the years as one of the most interesting tools that most of us can hardly do without. Be it for recreation or for business purpose, the internet is one very important and fascinating aspect that has grown for everyone.

Despite its immense importance, there are still many businesses, especially small ones that haven’t built their internet presence or created an online presence for their businesses.

Most of these businesses do not know about the rewards that an online presence can bring to their business. Moreover, there are others who simply are scared to plunge into the world of online commerce.

But the fact is, customers these days do turn to the web to find more about local businesses. They want to know your location, what you do and such other things. Maintaining an online presence and engaging in online marketing activities, is essential today.

There are various online services to benefit from, such as:

  •  WordPress Website Design
  •  SEO
  •  Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  •  Website and Email hosting

There are some simple and easy steps that you can take to move your business online. These simple steps will enable you to compete well in your business and get more clients, while remaining abreast with the latest technologies and current information about your market.

Below are some tips on how to promote your business online for your local area:

Build a Google+ Local Page

The first thing to do is create a Google+ Local page. This is the most important and must have tool for marketing your business and creating its local presence. This page will carry details of your business, pictures, videos, reviews of customers and the like. With relevant business information on Google local page, you can get your map listing appear in search results.

Use YouTube to Get Local

YouTube is another very popular tool or search engine with millions of visitors every month. So a YouTube presence can work great for attaining visibility for your local business.

There are a few steps by which you can localize your YouTube video:

  •  You can include local terms for keyword search in your video.
  •  Add a link in your video description that goes back to your website.
  •  Ensure that you use local keywords in the description.
  •  Use tags that match terms used in the local search
  •  Geotag video by applying proper location
  •  Upload video in various directory listings that you are enlisted in

Use Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

Another effective way of advertising is to use Google PPC or Pay-Per-Click Ads. The PPC ads are best suitable for local business as it ensures targeted web traffic. Moreover, it is easy, effective and highly affordable.
Add your business to online business directories

Get your online business listed in local directory listings. There are many sites that offer to advertise your business for free. You can get listed on those sites and promote anything.

Yellow pages, Get Listed, Craigslist, and many more similar websites are available for this purpose. However, the key to success in such sites is that you need strategy, insight and determination. Here, you must first identify your target market and their particular location. Once you know that, you will be able to generate a good number of targeted ads and build the best client base for your business.

Use Social Media Networks

Unlike earlier, social media is no longer limited to updating status to let your family, friends and acquaintances know what you are up to.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and several others, are used these days by many companies and businesses as a marketing tool to reach out to their clients directly. In fact, many organizations use Twitter as a tool for communication to post news and announcements. In addition, they are also used to post special messages and offer deals. The best part about social media tools is that you get direct feedback from genuine customers.

Use Google Places to add your business

Google is a website that millions of people use on an everyday basis to get information. If you use Google, and add your business to Google Places, it will make your business appear on Google maps. In addition, it will also ensure that your website is placed well in the Google search results.

In addition to the above, you can also make yourself visible on many different sites so that you are found in lots of places.

You can create profiles in sites like LinkedIn, Picasa, Flickr, and Slideshare.

  • Use WordPress, blogs, and Plugins
  • Share blog posts on social media
  • Upload images of your products and brands
  • Join active groups in LinkedIn

By using effective tools and methods for promoting your business online for your local area, you can offer lasting identity for your online business, and brand it alike. The result will help you see an increase in business.

– Ady Sachdeva



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