How to Create Content that Gets Shared

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Posted 4 years ago

How to Create Content that Gets SharedWhen we create content, we hope to share it across the web through internal marketing campaigns as well as through social media networks. In this article, we will discuss some basic and important tips that will help you create content that gets shared.

Why create content that gets shared?

How does it benefit your business to get your content shared?

Overall people share content because:

  • It provides an opportunity for others to read and see interesting stuff
  • To express your point to others
  • To build relationships by means of sharing
  • To get maximum exposure about the content itself

The above and many other points encourage people to share content, however, the main reason is definitely “exposure”. When you share your content, or an article through social media, people get the chance to see it and read it, which in turn expands your exposure and helps you get more traffic to your website. Furthermore, if people who visit your website to read your content like it, and share it among their network, you automatically increase the number of people who will read your blog or article.

Ways to create content that gets shared

When it comes to written content like blogs andarticles, the main objective of the writer should be to provide content which adds value for the reader.

Follow the following tips when writing content:

  • Include less theory and more factual examples in your blog
  • Include new ideas, but keep it simple and useful
  • Bring out basics that your reader might have forgotten
  • Voice an opinion by taking stand and establish credibility
  • Give away your best advice without any inhibition
  • Use story telling to convey your message
  • Appeal to your audience
  • Apply positive emotions

The above tips are great, but there are some important things to remember when developing a content marketing strategy.

The first thing to understand is that you must set goals that are attainable. To create successful social media content, the goals that you set have to be reasonable and achievable.

You must set clear goals for every piece of content that you generate. Besides, you should know and understand what is important for your audience. It’s really great if you can create content that explains to your audience what is important for them. But to do this you have to discover what kind of content interests your audience so that you can create such content for them.

After you discover the kind of content that your audience is interested in, you can use that information to produce useful content, which will educate and entertain them so that they will readily share it with others. Last but notleast, it is necessary to make it easy for people to share. For this, you must add social sharing buttons with every content piece that you create.

Why would people be interested in sharing your content?

What is the psychology behind sharing content? In most cases, content that brings on emotion or touches people’s lives in some way or the other gets shared.

Compelling visual content can also be of help.

Visual Content

There is no doubt that visual content of any form, be it infographic, meme, or even video, can do wonders for your content.

Infographics and Ebooks

Infographics are exciting, easy to understand, and interesting pieces of information to be shared. Because they are visually compelling, as well as engaging, people get attracted to them instantly.

For ebooks, the same theory applies, and so to make them interesting, and to get more “shares” and “likes” on them, you must use interesting graphics along with information.

As there is for written content, for infographics and ebooks too, there are certain tips to follow that can help make them instant successful.

The first thing to keep in mind is to “follow the data.” You must conceptualize the infographic based on the data.

Next thing is to know your audience. You must create the infographic based on whom you are creating it for. The images, the language, and the main points should appeal to the audience you are targeting.

Moreover, the infographic should be designed based on the platform that you have selected to work on.

Another important thing to consider is to communicate correctly with your audience. That can be done by telling a great story.

Lastly, keep everything simple and make it easy to share.

– Ady Sachdeva

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