How to Get More Twitter Followers

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Posted 4 years ago

How to Get More Twitter FollowersThe question “How to get more Twitter followers?” is asked by a majority of Twitter users, including beginners and regular users. According to recent findings of Georgia Institute of Tech, being introduced at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in France, Twitter users who shared positive, newsy and easy-to-read messages on their accounts gained 30 times more followers than grouchy, egoistic tweeters. Based upon the research, I have compiled a list of some tips to assist you in getting more Twitter followers.

Have an interesting and current bio

Go by the saying “Brevity is the soul of wit”. In a short, crisp and impressive write-up tell people who you are. People will read your Twitter bio to determine if they want to follow you. Include your occupation, hobbies and other interests in your Twitter profile. Mention your city name in the Profile, as it helps generate business.

Add your current photo

Adding a recent photo increases the credibility of your profile. A photo with a smile is preferred. If you’re curious to know the real person behind the Twitter accounts you follow, so do others. Updating your photos regularly maintains excitement and the interest of the Twitterers.

Enhance the visibility of your Twitter presence

This can be done by linking up your social media profiles to your Twitter account. Depending upon your audience, you can link your account with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. The increased visibility also lets brands confide in you. Place the social media links prominently on the top of the blog page so that people can find you easily. You can also place the links in your email newsletter.

Get Your Profile listed in Twitter Directories

It may appear strange, but, some folks check the main Twitter Directories to look for people to follow. Two of the directories are and

Tweet Regularly

Even celebrities do this, why can’t you? To generate more followers you must Tweet regularly. In the event you’re going away on vacation, you can use schedulers to preload tweets and schedule them when you are away.

Tweet useful messages 80 percent of the time

You must remember that nobody likes useless content. Tweet informative and interesting information to keep your followers engaged. This increase your chances for Retweets. You must post tweets according to your profile’s theme. Sometimes you may go off topic. This will show them that you’re a real person. You can build your reputation on Twitter by sharing something unique.

Don’t be highly promotional

You may lose your previous followers by being overly promotional. Twitter is for sharing information and not for commercial purposes, so you must keep advertising to the minimum.

Request A ReTweet

If you know that your tweet is valuable, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a ReTweet. Overdoing this may have a negative impact upon your reputation. Remember, this tip doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s highly effective.

Use hashtags wisely

Use hashtags sparingly and wisely, as researches have proven that using more hashtags attracts less followers. Trending hashtags must be selected as per your profile theme and area of interest. You can say something insightful or thought-provoking. People interested in that topic may decide to get connected with you to see more tweets from you. You can also follow people through hashtags.

Be cooperative

Always be prepared to answer questions, or share links of interesting topics or ReTweet useful articles or resources.

Using @

When you use @, only people who are following you, and the one who replied can see the tweet. You can engage people and gain their attention by using @. This targeted messaging must be done sincerely, else it may be regarded as a spam.

Follow interesting people and similar Tweeters

Use tools such as TweetAdder to find people with similar interests. Such people are likely to follow back upon seeing similar areas of interest.

Take part in tweet chats

Almost everyday, people participate in live chats about several topics. Choose your favorite topic and start tweeting. You can find the trending topics such as #StyleChat discusses trends and style tips and lots more.

Tweet Attractive Photos

Visuals, as compared to text, have a great impact upon people. So, if you post neat and attractive photos, you are likely to get tweets effortlessly. It also increases visibility and chances to gain followers.

Do people targeted Tweets on Friday #FF

After a busy week, people would love to listen/ chat/ engage them on social media sites on Friday. You can choose Friday for people targeted tweets. Moreover, Twitter’s weekly tradition called Follow Friday lets Twitter users shout-out at people. These shout-outs are mostly flattering, thus yield a positive response. Getting a #FF mention would mean that you are an interesting person, and the people following the original tweeter will be interested in following you.

Compliment people

One of the greatest Western novelists, Gustave Flaubert said that “The public wants work which flatters its illusions.” In Twitter, flattery will benefit you the most. Remember, the world is like a mirror, you smile at them, and they will smile back at you! Genuinely compliment 10-20 people daily and see this how this works.

Unfollow those who haven’t followed you back

There are follow limits in Twitter. So, conforming to the limits, you must unfollow unnecessary people. According to the rules, the first limit hit is when you have followed 2,000 people; you won’t be able to follow more until you have this many followers. As it is a time consuming process, you can get help from services like Twidium and FriendorFollow.

Follow the above mentioned tips with these precautions:

Automatic direct messages may result in unfollows. Quick and massive follows and unfollows are detected by Twitter. You must also follow/unfollow wisely. Moreover, you must not unfollow people immediately after following them. Wait for at least a week to see if they follow you or not. In such case, your account may be suspended on being reported as a spammer.

Happy Tweeting!

– Ady Sachdeva

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