How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site

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Posted 4 years ago

How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress siteBefore talking about how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site, it’s important to first know what Google Analytics is.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed reports of website traffic and its sources. A hugely popular product, Google Analytics is mainly targeted and used by marketers with a web presence, irrespective of whether it is small or large. And the best part is the basic service of Google Analytics is free for anyone to use.

Why should you install the Google Analytics plugin?

The Google Analytics plugin by Joost de Valk, enables you to keep track of the visitors of your site and offers many important details about your visitors. This data gives you the option to make your website compatible with your audience by custom designing it. For instance, you can check out what your audience does when they are on your website, when did they visit your website, how and where did they reach your website from, and how they interrelated with the content of your website. All these details allow you to focus on strategies to make your website work better.

Custom Variables

With custom variables, you can store extra information of visitors. In the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, you can store seven values. Such as:

Logged in users
Author name
Single Category
All Categories
Publication year
Post type

This will provide the kind of analysis that will help improve your website.

How to install Google Analytics on WordPress site

You can choose any of these three methods to install the Google Analytics plugin by Joost de Valk.

Install by direct pasting

When you sign up with Google Analytics, you’ll receive a code which can be directly pasted into your blog theme’s footer.php just above the </body> tag.

Functions.php method

You can also paste it into funtions.php. However, it is advisable to use this method only if you possess coding skills.

Plugin method (highly recommended)

Step by step Google Analytics installation guide:

Log into your WordPress website.

Once you reach the “Dashboard” in the website, check for the menu in the left side.

Click on “Plugins” in the menu. Once clicked, the plugins you have installed so far will be highlighted.

Click “Add New” and type “Yoast Google Analytics” in the search bar.

Next click the ‘Search Plugin’ button. When you see the plugin you need, click “Install Now” Press “Ok” on the popup.

The next step is to click ‘Activate Plugin’

Next, click “select which Analytics profile to track” to go to the setting page of the Google analytics plugin. Click the “Click here to authenticate with Google” button.

Once the authentication is done, you will reach a Google login page.

Use your Google Analytics account to sign in to reach the next page.

Click “Grant access” button to finally install the Google Analytics plugin. In case you have many websites in your account, you can select the correct one from the dropdown list.

Did you sign up for a Google Analytics account?

If the answer is no, then follow these steps for signing up for aGoogle Analytics account.

Visit the Google Analytics Signup Page to create your account.

In case you have a Gmail account, you simply login using your account details, else you are required to create a new account. It is a free account.

Once you create an account, you will be asked to Sign Up for Google Analytics.

After Sign Up you can enter your website details in the relevant fields which are self-explanatory.

Next you will be prompted to enter your Contact Information.

Finally, you will have to agree with the terms of use. Then you will receive your Google Analytics code.

Install the plugin and integrate your Google Analytics account to track your visitors.

– Ady Sachdeva

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