How to Promote Your Business Using Google+

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Posted 4 years ago

How to Promote Your Business Using Google+Google+ provides a public identity for products, companies, businesses etc. Users can add people, share things, post comments and photos, and so on.

Before delving into how you can set up your business on Google+, let’s first discuss how to create a Google+ page. Prior to creating a Google+ page for your business or organization, you must possess a personal profile on Google+.

To create a Google+ page:

First thing to do is to place your cursor on the top left corner of the Google+ page to go to the Google+ main menu.

Next click on “Pages”.

Now click on the “Create a page” button in the upper right.

Pick the Google+ page category that you wish to create.

Finally, click the “Finish” button.

How to set up your business on Google+

There are many categories offered in Google+ such as, product/brand, local business/ place, company/institution/organization, art/entertainment/sports, and others. According to the kind of business you want to promote on Google+, select the category and get started.

While creating a page for your company you must be aware that pages can have multiple managers. If you need someone other than the owner to administer the page, you can add additional people as managers to work on your behalf. The ownership of your company page can also be transferred to others, if required.

After the creation of the company page, you must follow the instructions to set up the details of your profile. Pages become public when they are created in Google+, thereby making it easy to share details with others. To share your page with more and more people, you can use Google+ as your page and click “Home”. Here click “Promote your page” under “Spread the word” category on the right side of the page.

You can now customize your page profile, and for that you must add your profile photo and a tagline first. Next you can continue editing information on your page’s profile by clicking on the “Profile” icon placed at the top left side in the search Google+ box. Now click on the “About tab” and “Edit Profile”.

Here you can include all possible information such as page name, links, hours of operation, website, contact details, links to your other social profiles like blogs and so on. You can also add photo strip, which will be displayed beneath your page’s name and tagline. Your Google+ page is now ready, and you can now start posting status, updates, links, photos, and videos to your profile.

Features of Google+

Google+ offers a feature rich experience in the social networking circuit. You can post instant updates and share posts from any Google application. There are some features listed below, which will make your Google+ experience better.

Circles, Real-time stream, Hangouts, the Sand bar, Photo Uploads, Sharing, Tagging,
Your profile, Privacy, and Data liberation are some of the unique features that are available in Google+.


Circles are used to organize the people you follow or those who follow you on Google+. It can also be used to organize your stream by clicking on a Circle in the left column to find out the circle of friends who see your posts.

Real-time stream

Whenever a new update is posted, streams flow in Google+, thereby showing new updates at the top. Moreover, new comments also appear automatically whenever someone comments on a post.


Hangouts are like group video chat, where you can chat with up to ten people at a time.

The Sandbar

With the sandbar appearing at the top of every Google product once you log in, you can check two features. One is the red notification icon that informs you of the new things that happened in your feed since you last visited, and secondly, the share button in the sandbar allows you to share an update to Google+ from here.

Photo Uploads

This feature allows you to post photos very easily by integrating them with Google’s Picasaweb albums.


By clicking the share link given below the post, you can share posts in all your chosen Circles.


Type + or @ and the name of the person if you want to tag the individual and he/she will be notified of the same.

Your profile

Via this feature you can edit anything on your profile by clicking on the “Edit Profile” button.


With the help of this feature you can customize the Circles to limit access to your information. This can be enabled via the privacy settings option.

Data liberation

This feature allows you to download data from Google+. You can do so by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner in sandbar and choosing the “Select Google+ Settings”. Here you will find the Data Liberation link on the left side and by clicking that you can decide what you want to download from Google+.

How Google+ can help your business

Google+ can help promote your business in many ways. It can help raise awareness of your brand and also helps in the growth of your business. Here are some of the ways with which Google+ help to generate business:

Building Content on Google+

You can build content on your Google+ page and share with your Circles.

Creating your Circles

The best thing about Google+ is that here you can separate people and companies into different Circles. Moreover, you can send updates to all Circles or selected ones.

Find related businesses and Circle them

Once you are ready to build your Circles, you can Circle other businesses too. From a business page, you cannot circle people until they circle you. However, you can find companies related to your business which will be interested in your product or business and Circle them on different categories.

Announce your Google+ page via Social Media

You can promote your Google+ page via various social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Start sending people to your Google+ page via Facebook and Twitter to increase your audience.

Promote Google+ page across brand

You can promote your Google+ page by putting +1 icon within your websites content close to the Facebook and Twitter icons. Moreover, you can print Google+ address on your business card along with Facebook and Twitter addresses.

All the above and many more such ways are there by means of which Google+ can help your business grow.

– Ady Sachdeva

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