How To Promote Your Business Using Instagram

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Posted 3 years ago


How To Promote Your Business Using InstagramInstagram is the latest big thing in social networking today.

Just like Facebook has become a necessity these days, Instagram is attracting more and more users to it.

People are finding it a good networking tool. In fact, not only for personal networking, Instagram is now used for business networking and promotion as well.

If you’re looking to expand the promotion of your business online, Instagram is a tool for you to reach a group of tech-savvy people.

Instragram is all about fun, lots of photo and video uploading, and sharing. As a business, it will be easier to get the attention of your target audience by impressing them through images and videos. Sometimes images and videos speak louder and better than words, and have a more direct impact on people.

Learn the basics:

Open your own Instagram account first. For creating an Instagram account in the name of your company or brand, follow the following steps:

  • Sign up for an account with Instagram by putting your company’s name as the username.
  • Add a profile photo for your account. You can use your company or brand logo as the profile picture.
  • Add an informative bio about your company, and a link to your company’s website.
  • Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account if you also own a page in Facebook under your company’s name.

Once your account is created, your next move will be to utilize Instagram for promoting your business. Here are a few tips on doing so:

Get more followers

The best way to pull followers into your Instagram account will be to connect your account with Facebook. Your followers on Facebook will also be directed to your Instagram account. You’ll also have to learn and master the use of hashtags quite frequently in your image and video uploads. Go for the most relevant and widely searched hashtags to attract followers. One more way to gain followers will be to follow others. Start following more and more people, so that you catch their attention and they will then follow you in return.

Embed videos and sharing relevant photos

The videos you share in your Instagram account can be embedded to your brand’s blog and website.  If yours is a food processing or manufacturing company, images of healthy foods with messages for healthy living will attract customers; if it is a garment brand, then images of your clothes placed in attractive ways will draw customers. You must know the attractive ways of pulling customers by opting for vibrant, well-edited, and collaged photos by using software like Photoshop, Diptic, Photoshake, and others.

Make an @ mention of your customers

Mentioning your customers name and showing gratefulness for buying your products through your Instagram account will encourage them to be associated with your company in the future. Post a photo of your customer in the dress you sold her, or, @mention his/her purchase they made. Who does not want to be highlighted and enjoy some attention? Give your customers that much needed attention by appreciating them, and earn a loyal customer.

Filters for quality checking the photos

By using a number of filters in your Instagram account, you can maintain a good standard for your photos. It’s the look and feel of the photos shared that matter most in attracting customers. Your photos tell your company’s story, and filters play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of those stories. Each brand promoting their service through the site has its own choice in the filters, including: Lo-fi, Valencia, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sierra, X-Pro II, Hefe, and more.

Rewarding your followers

One good way of attracting more followers to your brand would be to announce rewards for them. You can provide them benefits for being your follower with discount prices on the services you offer. Make free gifts and discount codes for products exclusively available for your followers only.

Narrate your business story

You can choose to narrate the story of your business; your company’s history and the life of the people behind the brand, through images and videos. Emotional stories and the journey of your brand up to the present, may connect well with customers The values and the authenticity of your brand‘s products can be represented in this way also.

Invite comments

Instead of simply sharing photos and videos, ask your followers to leave their valuable comments, and suggest changes, if required. Interaction will invite more customers to spend some time with your posts.

Photo contests

By holding photo contests related to your brand and business, you can engage a group of users. The lure of a good award for the winner, and praise for the photos posted in the contest, will encourage users to stay in touch with you. Keeping the theme limited to your business category will automatically promote your services among the users of Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most fun-filled and modern ways of promoting your business in the online marketing world, and you should never miss out on utilizing its benefits. What else can be as easy as promoting your business through Instagram where one is only required to post photos and videos?

– Ady Sachdeva


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