How to quickly create a photo gallery on your WordPress site

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Posted 4 years ago

How to quickly create a photo gallery on your WordPress siteCreating a photo gallery on your WordPress site can be a great idea to beautify it and attract more visitors. The process of uploading a photo gallery on your WordPress site is very easy with the built-in gallery feature of WordPress.

Creating an image gallery in WordPress

To start, you need to create a post for the insertion of the photo gallery, if you want it to be featured in a new post.

Alternatively, if you want to add a gallery in an already existing post, you have to choose the option to ‘edit’ the post, which will take you to the post edit screen.

Here you have to choose the option of  the ‘Add Media’ button — clicking that will take you to the “WordPress Media Uploader” uploader page.

On this page you need to click ‘Create gallery’ on the left side of the screen.

Next step is to add images to the gallery from your computer, or from the media library of the site. Just click on the images to select them.

When done, click the ‘create new gallery’ option in the media uploader page and see the images you have selected in the ‘edit gallery’ view.

Here you can caption your images, change the settings of the gallery, or even rearrange them accordingly.

Finally click the ‘insert gallery’ button after all the editing is done.

Edit gallery

Now that you’ve selected the insert gallery button, the media uploader page will be closed. The gallery code, however, will be inserted inside the WordPress post.  The gallery code is indicated in a box in the post edit area of Visual Editor Users. Alternatively, those using the simple text editor modes can see their gallery shortcode and can check their gallery by clicking ‘post preview button’.

If you want to change or remove/add to the gallery, you can do so by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button, else you can publish the gallery and make it visible for everyone.

Display image gallery

The task of quickly creating the photo gallery is done.  To check how it looks and how to make it easy for visitors to view, you can check the gallery images in Carousel. To use this Carousel feature, you must install and activate the plugin called ‘Carousel without Jetpack’ from WordPress repository. Once you’ve activated this plugin, you can see the action by simply clicking on an image.


Here you can make a few alterations in the Carousel. You can enable the slideshow of your images in full screen in carousel. You can pick the background color of the carousel and show photo metadata and so on. Once done, save the changes.

Though there are numerous plugins available in WordPress that help you in creating photo galleries, the use of the built-in gallery feature is a simple and effective way of doing so. So use this feature and enjoy your photo gallery in your WordPress site.

– Ady Sachdeva

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