How To Use Linkedin To Promote Your Business

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Posted 4 years ago

How To Use Linkedin To Promote Your BusinessBeing an outstanding professional networking tool, and virtually irreplaceable, I may add, as a job search tool; Linkedin is the place where your business needs to have a distinct presence.

Unlike Facebook, which functions both as a social and business apparatus, Linkedin is designed for business professionals. Who, I might add, want to project their professional best. The recruitment of serious-minded individuals with a seemingly propulsive resume is par for the course of Linkedin. Profiles are par for the course as prospective employers, recruiters, and hiring managers seek out those who will elevate their business, with learned skills at the ready. On LinkedIn you can search profiles as well as look through relevant group discussions as you peruse the site for people that might be well worth connecting with.

Linkedin groups are of a high caliber, where good spelling and grammar are considered an inherent part of the business professional’s way of carrying themselves in an academically winning way.

Linkedin groups are a great place to show expertise, knowledge, and an ability to communicate on par with others.

Linkedin groups is the place where businesses and business-career seeking individuals can both enhance their credibility in the field as well defining their place in their respective industry. Reputations can be built up by the way one engages themselves.



1. The first step in promoting your business on Linkedin is to have an account of your own, (thus joining the over 200 million users signed up to Linkedin).


2. Once you have created your professional profile, you will then be given the opportunity to ‘add more detail’.

This is done via the creation of a company page with everyone who works for you and everything to do with your business. Alternately, you can create a company page by clicking the ‘companies’ link and choosing ‘add company’ on the top right. Then it’s a matter of adding your logo, company images, summary of your company, products and services you offer, and a whole lot more.

Be sure that your Linkedin accounts and groups get regular maintenance, and that you make sure to offer regular updates. And share information that can be useful to others.

Used appropriately, your business endeavors will see maximum exposure, as Linkedin proves to be your fantastic business and marketing tool; so be proactive by staying active and on top of all the exciting twists and turns of the business community, at large.

3. Make use of images with Linkedin.

Did you know that Linkedin allows companies to display up to three products or services in the form of 640 x 220 pixel images? Well, what that does is give visitors an easy visual representation of what your company does. And truth be told, everyone loves pictures, don’t they?

4. Be open to the option that Linkedin gives to get recommendations

Needless to say you shouldn’t only do this, but you should gather as many recommendations as you can. Or you can choose to customize and rewrite the default recommendation request message. Customization is likely to increase the response to your recommendation requests. So, as is customary in business – the use of a little more elbow grease, so to speak, is never a bad thing. So to summarize, customize.

5. An intriguing prospect is to use Linkedin Events to promote your offline meetings, launch parties and conferences.

Create an event page, fill out the information, and invite others to attend. And what’s great is when someone accepts an invitation to attend, it will show up on their Linkedin profile, thus, exponentially extending the reach of the event.

Don’t forget to send personal messages to those you’ve not connected with before, as to introduce yourself and your business to others before the event takes place.

The event is a very dynamic part of Linkedin, so take time to learn who will be attending the event, thus you can maximize your time better.

Be as ambitious as you want. Try inviting those who will be at the event into your network beforehand; if not – oh well – add them after the event.

6. And this may be the shortest ‘How To’ part of the primer for Linkedin and promoting your business.

Interact energetically with bloggers. Blogging is the universal way of spreading the word throughout the net.

Add Linkedin to your potent business arsenal and ensure your success!

– Rich Casale

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