How to Write Great Blog Posts

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Posted 4 years ago


How to Write Great Blog Posts?A great blog post must be unique and engaging enough to keep readers hooked until the end. For a blogger, it’s important to consistently write interesting and compelling blogs,  to keep readers coming back. It’s true that every blogger cannot be the same, because each one has their own style of writing. There are some basic principles of writing a great blog, which you can always follow, to make your blog post unique.

Steps involved in writing great blog posts

  • Where to start – the idea upon which the blog is based
  • Writing techniques – important tips for writing online
  • Workflow – converting an idea into a blog
  • Motivation – to always keep your blog flowing forward

Principles of successful content creation – using unique and informative content

Concerning the principles of creating a great blog post, there are a few important points to remember.  These points are briefly stated below.

Points to remember:

  • Don’t just write content, tell a story
  • Share your feelings
  • Write about things pertaining to you
  • The content should be informative and interactive, as well as inspiring
  • Rather than following the same style, experiment with different writing patterns
  • Capture an idea when it strikes
  • Try to understand the readers’ point of view
  • Edit before posting
  • Polish your post
  • Ask questions of the readers
  • Let readers enjoy the journey of reading
  • Share that content which serves your readers’ purpose well
  • Write as much as you can
  • Publish only the best ones

We read a lot of blog posts every day. However, not all the blogs we read make an impression on us. So, while writing, you must think about blog posts that are outstanding and which have the capability to stand out among others. You might think that you are writing a good blog post, but when you follow the popular tips of writing blog posts, you will, undoubtedly, find numerous ways to make your post far better.

We cannot always follow all tips while we are creating content. At times we just don’t feel the need to go through the tips, if we’re in a hurry to publish the post. The best advice is if you stick to the tips as far as possible, you’ll definitely be able to create a nice and engaging blog post.

Following are some important tips on writing blog posts.

Include a header

By adding a header you can add structure to your blog content. Readers will find it easy to find the exact information they’re looking for. The header should make it clear to the reader what’s in the content.

Logical ordering of content

Check whether the headers are in proper order, and that they make sense to readers. The headers should be in such order that a reader grasps the post by just scanning through them.

Present tense

Using present tense is the most preferable way to write your post.

Keep each paragraph concise

People hardly like to go through big, chunky paragraphs while scanning online, so keep it as concise as possible.

Link your post

Linking has SEO benefits, and it also makes your post credible. If people can find interesting links from your site, they’re more likely to visit you again.

Use Bullets

Whenever possible, use bullet points in your post to make it easy for people to follow.  Readers appreciate bullet points when they find them in a post.

Use lot of images and image captions

By using images, you can make your post more interesting and attractive.  People will scroll through your entire page if you fill it with appealing images. Image captions should be no longer than 2-3 sentences.

Use bold for important points

Use bold text to attract attention to important points within the content. Even if people skip paragraphs or bullets, bold text is sure to strike a chord.

Use numbers and facts

Always remember that when content is supported by facts, in numerical or statistical terms, it gives more weight to your content.

It’s certain that you will gain good results if you follow the above tips, and the common principles of writing blog posts. All you need to do is read and follow them as much as possible.

– Ady Sachdeva


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