HTC Looking to the One to Catapult it into the Big Leagues

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Posted 4 years ago

Last year, HTC came to the market with its One series and the flagship One X. A phone that matched the Samsung Galaxy S III in almost every department, the One X looked like a handset that could really place HTC alongside the big boys of Samsung and Apple. However, despite its greatness and critical acclaim, the One X achieved only mediocre sales and was basically humiliated by the S III. With One X struggling to capture public imagination, and other phones in the One range – the One S and One V – not selling great numbers, 2012 became a lackluster one for HTC.

Looking to improve things in 2013, HTC has spent the early part of the year building up anticipation for a brand new handset – the HTC One. On Tuesday, that smartphone was finally unveiled, and if ever the Taiwanese company were going to create a device to propel them into the big leagues, the One is it.

Cast from a single piece of aluminum, the One is the best looking device that HTC has ever manufactured, with a build quality that instantly makes it much more appealing than the “plasticky” Galaxy SIII. HTC has avoided joining the five-inch club by sticking to the same size 4.7-inch screen used on the One X; however, the quality of the display has been improved considerably and now boasts a best-on-the-market 468 pixels.

As expected, the device comes with a quad-core 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (all of which are increasingly standard on high-end smartphones) and uses Android Jelly Bean. A common theme with Android manufacturers, the Jelly Bean OS has been skimmed over with a new HTC Sense UI, which boasts a new BlinkFeed feature that the company says, “Aggregates the freshest content from the most relevant and interesting sources.” This content comes from more than 1,400 partners.

HTC has also taken the step of creating a user interface that is different from the expected Android, looking more like a Windows Phone tile/Flipboard hybrid.

Also included in the radical overlay is HTC Zoe, the new gallery app that is able to create short movies by using your pictures and videos and adding music on its own. The camera that lets you capture these snaps and videos is an “UltraPixel Camera” which has a “best-in-class f/2.0 aperture lens” with UltraPixels gathering “300 percent more light than traditional smartphone sensors,” according to HTC. The company also make use of its exclusive tie up with Beats Audio by giving the One some serious sound quality.

HTC says the One will be its biggest launch ever when it begins rollout in March and will be supported more than 185 operators in more than 80 markets.

If Taiwanese manufacturer can come up with a marketing campaign that is half as good as the phone, the One could well earn the company the sales figures it deserves.

– Anthony Carter

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