HTC One Android 4.3 Update Made Available as Custom ROM

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Posted 4 years ago

HTC One Android 4.3 Update Made Available as Custom ROMIf you own a HTC One that is not on Verizon, you may be wondering when you will have the option to upgrade from Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to the latest 4.2.2 operating system. Well, the bad news is that HTC has announced that One handsets sold in the U.S. will not be receiving Android 4.2.2. The good news is that this phone, and the Droid DNA, will skip straight to the new major Android Jelly Bean offering, version 4.3 before the end of September. And if that little announcement has you too excited to wait around for the update, you can get your hands on a custom ROM version of the firmware right now.

A developer by the name of LlabTooFeR has created a ROM, called MaximusHD 12.1.0, which is based on the 3.09.401.1 firmware and posted over at the XDA Developer Forums. According to the guys over at Android Central, the same developer will also release the “untouched firmware” on August 28.

If you’re wondering what goodies the 4.3 Jelly Bean will bring, there are several improvements, including the ability to create multiple user profiles with restrictions, and an array of new features including Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy support, Google Wi-Fi scanning, OpenGLS 3.0, updated HTC apps, and a new AppDrawer.

If all of that sounds appealing, then you can head on over to the XDA Developer Forums and give the custom ROM a go; however, it is important that you understand such an installation is downloaded and used at your own risk, and there is a possibility of messing up your phone. Obviously, if you are comfortable dealing with custom firmware, the upgrade will prove no problem, but with just weeks to wait until the official release, it probably makes more sense to curb your urges.

– Anthony Carter

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