HTC One Nexus Edition Said To In Be In the Works

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Posted 4 years ago

HTC One Nexus Edition Said To In Be In the WorksLast week, at this years I/O event, Google revealed that it had teamed up with Samsung to offer a stock Android version of the flagship Galaxy S4. Given the flaws in Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, this announcement was met with great enthusiasm, giving those that are put off by Samsung’s UI an alternative. Soon after the S4 Nexus edition unveiling, rumors began flying around the internet that HTC would be following suit, allowing their ‘One’ device to be given the Google makeover.

A week on and these rumors simply refuse to go away, this despite having no concrete information to back them up and the possibility of a HTC One Nexus being denied by HTC themselves. In fact, if anything, speculation surrounding the device has intensified, thanks to a report by Geek’s Russell Holly.

If Russell Holly were any other internet blogger reporting on the story of a possible “Senseless” HTC One, it would be easy to brush it off as nonsense. However, Holly is a man that gives us good reason to trust him, for he was the first to reveal the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was to be unveiled at Google I/O with stock Android – something that many people though would never happen, but did, and just one day later.

According to his sources, Holly claims that “HTC is considering a stock Android variant of the One for release in the US,” with a planned announcement within the next two weeks.

The HTC One is a brilliant smartphone and has just passed five million sales. I have no doubt that vanilla Android Jelly Bean 4.2 would work great on the device, and will be loved by those that prefer more Google in their Android. However, this version of HTC Sense is actually very good, and I don’t believe, like TouchWiz, it needs an alternative, or needs the Taiwanese company to start confusing the line-up so soon after having got things right for the first time in many years.

Of course, a HTC One Google Edition may never happen, but it would be unwise to ignore Russell Holly’s prediction. I guess all will be revealed over the next two weeks.

– Anthony Carter

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